Advanced mining management

Spend less time struggling around with excel.
Use a modern way to monitor and manage your space business!

Lift your personal and corp mining experience to a new level
Personal Mining
Your mining performance doesn't have to be a black box!
Here you will find extended functionality to analyse and monitor your mining business.
  • Dashboard with lots of information about the mining activities of all your characters.
  • Detailed evaluation and traceability of your mining ledger.
  • A very accurate price calculation based on minerals.
Corp Mining
You want to know how your corp is positioned in mining?
Monitor and evaluate your moons or solar systems and raise taxes on mining.
  • See details of all members who have signed up for corp mining.
  • All observer and extractions at a glance and in a detailed view.
  • A simple option to raise taxes on mining activities
  • Track the accumulated mining performance of the corp over a long period.
Industry Jobs
Don't miss any finished job anymore.
Monitor all your jobs in one place and stay up-to-date.
  • See all your jobs from all your character in one auto-updated table.
  • Export your jobs into your standard calendar app and see them on your phone.
  • Planned: Blueprint Collections
  • Planned: Blueprint and manufacturing calculation
Account Management
An intuitive account management is the foundation.
The claim is to offer a detailed permission management, which everyone can feel confident with.
  • Register multiple characters and see all their information in one place.
  • Detailed and lightweight permission management. Only share what you want to share.