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How is the price of ores, ice and gas calculated?
The price is based on the minerals of the ore / ice / gas with a refining factor of 88%.
How often can the mining tax be changed?
In “Settings” → “Corp” you can see a box named “Mining Tax Rate”. Here are two data displayed:

Current tax: Is fix for the current month and can not be changed.

Tax next month: Can be changed as often as you want.

At the turn of the month “Current tax” will apply the setting of “Tax next month”.
How can I pay my mining taxes?
To pay your tax debt, you simply need to create an in-game transfer "Give Money" to the corp.
It is important that you mention the term "tax" in the reason.

You can make this transaction from any character that is in the corp and connected to your Orchestra account.

Transfers are displayed with a time delay and this can take up to several hours.
Who is the developer of this tool?
I can't see any information... WTF
Possible reasons:

1. Nonexistent API permissions: API permissions have to be set separately for each service. Services are “Character Mining”, “Corp Mining”, “Corp Taxes” and “Industry”.

2. Invalid API permissions: You have revoked your given API permission.
API permissions are automatically revoked when you change your EVE password.

3. No available data: Currently there are no data for the specific service. You need to wait for the next update. When you register a new service, all data are crawled once.
How can I give you feedback or feature requests?
You are welcome to join my discord and write me.
Orchestra Discord:

Known bugs and feature requests: coming soon

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